Quality Building And Renovations

BLEKS CONSTRUCTION AND PROJECTS PTY LTD is 100% BEE black owned construction company who believes in service delivery leading to full benefits to its respective customers across the country.

The Company was established to meet the ever increasing demand of skilled professional that the construction sector reached in recent years, by this we plan to achieve by using our multi talented technical team with more than 20 years work related experience obtained through working as a technicians and site Supervisor with different Companies in the industry. Our fundamental objectives is to aggressively expand within Gauteng and other provinces in an effectively sustainable manner.

Our Services Offering:

Quality Assurance

We are committed to achieving high standard of quality in all aspects of our services and the persuit of excellence is not an option but business necessity, we learnt to understand that clients need the work done perfectly within specific time frame.
Hence we intend to build a reputation of quality on timeĀ  delivery and low costs management in the light of this, therefore BLEKS CONSTRUCTION AND PROJECTS PTY LTD will succeed by providing high quality craftsmanship of costs within promised timeline.

This will be achieved with great easy considering the kind of members in board, the supreme experience and commitment to the success of the corporation.



Our Mission is to be the leading provider of building and renovations in a construction services,
and any other related construction services to both public and private sectors of our economy as a whole.

Tel No: 083 923 8524 / 076 454 3465    Email: info@bleksconstruction.co.za